“Amazing Love” Lyrics
Words and Music by: Aaron Lucas
Band: Citipointe Live
Album: You Reign

Can You take me there
Where truth can heal
Where my soul can fly

Can I run with You
See miracles
See the nations rise

Yes I know, Yes I know
Love died for me
Love died for me
Yes I know, Yes I know
Love set me free
Love set me free

All You are Is all I need
Take me now I am Yours

Amazing love
Hope to all
The reason why
We live again

Amazing Love Lyrics- Citipointe Live CSL Team Christian SongCitipointe LiveContemporary Christian Music
'Amazing Love' LyricsWords and Music by: Aaron LucasBand: Citipointe LiveAlbum: You ReignCan You take me thereWhere truth can healWhere my soul can flyCan I run with YouSee miraclesSee the nations riseYes I know, Yes I knowLove died for meLove died for meYes I know, Yes I knowLove set me...
<div dir="ltr" trbidi="on"><div><b>"Amazing Love" Lyrics</b></div><div><b>Words and Music by: Aaron Lucas</b></div><div><b>Band: Citipointe Live</b></div><div><b>Album: You Reign</b></div>Can You take me there<br>Where truth can heal<br>Where my soul can fly<br><br><div>Can I run with You<br>See miracles<br>See the nations rise<br><br>Yes I know, Yes I know<br>Love died for me<br>Love died for me<br>Yes I know, Yes I know<br>Love set me free<br>Love set me free<br><br>All You are Is all I need<br>Take me now I am Yours<br><br>Amazing love<br>Hope to all<br>The reason why<br>We live again</div></div>
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