Whatever life may bring, it’s all right
I’m a child of the King, it’s all right
That’s the reason I sing, it’s all right

I will never be the same
Cause I’m covered by Your name
Your glorious name Jesus
Your grace has set me free
And given me a peace
Beyond understanding Jesus

There’ll be hard times I know, It’s all right
Let Your glory be shown, it’s all right
You remain on your throne, it’s all right

Even though I’m unworthy, it’s all right
By Your blood I am holy, it’s all right

https://www.christiansong-lyrics.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/MercyMe-1024x1024.pnghttps://www.christiansong-lyrics.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/MercyMe-150x150.pngCSL TeamMercyMe'IT'S ALL RIGHT'by: MercyMeLyrics:Whatever life may bring, it's all rightI'm a child of the King, it's all rightThat's the reason I sing, it's all rightChorus:I will never be the sameCause I'm covered by Your nameYour glorious name JesusYour grace has set me freeAnd given me a peaceBeyond understanding JesusThere'll...Christian Lyrics Online!