All of Seeing Lyrics- Catholic Gospel Hymn


All of seeing, all of hearing,
Every fragrance we perceive,
All our touch and all our tasting,
In thy Heart we consecrate.
In its cooling fire, Mary,
All our senses immolate.

All of heart can know of sadness,
Every thing it knows of joy,
Every thing it feels as fearsome,
In thy Heart we consecrate.
In its noble fire, Mary,
All our passions elevate.

All the soul can claim of wisdom,
All it stores in memory,
All the science that we master,
In thy Heart we consecrate.
In its humble fire, Mary,
All our knowledge dedicate.

All our hearts perceive as lofty,
All that moves our will to love,
Every gift that makes us Christ-like,
In thy Heart we consecrate.
In its living fire, Mary,
All our being consummate.


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All of Seeing Lyrics- Catholic Gospel Hymn

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