CITY OF GOD Lyrics- Catholic Gospel Hymn


Awake from your slumber! Arise from your sleep!
A new day is dawning for all those who weep.
The people in darkness have seen a great light.
The Lord of our longing has conquered the night.

Refrain: Let us build the city of God.
May our tears be turned into dancing.
For the Lord our light and our love has turned the night into day.

We are sons of the morning; we are daughters of day.
The One who has loved us has brightened our way.
The Lord of all kindness has called us to be
A light for all people to set their hearts free.

God is light; in God there is no darkness.
Let us walk in the light. God’s children one and all.
O comfort my people make gentle your words,
Proclaim to my city the day of her birth.

O city of gladness now lift up your voice,
Proclaim the good tidings that all may rejoice.


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CITY OF GOD Lyrics- Catholic Gospel Hymn

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