First Hand Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

First Hand
By: Steven Curtis Chapman

Another Sunday morning, same old you,
Hoping that the preacher’s preaching’s almost through;
Not sure you need to hear this,
Seems like you’ve heard it all before
A hundred times or more.

All this information second hand;
Is there something more you don’t understand?
It’s a way of life you’re missing,
Where the word becomes a part of you,
Walking everyday with Jesus,
Finding out His promises are true.

Living life first hand,
Learning the truth
Straight from the Father.
Living life first hand,
There’s no middle man
When you walk with the Lord
First hand.

It’s all in your mind, the world will say,
But this is something
That they can’t explain away;
Not just some fancy talking,
Or just some emotion that you feel,
It’s a life of first hand walking,
Finding out His promises are real.


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First Hand Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

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