Old Man’s Rubble Lyrics- Amy Grant

Old Man’s Rubble Lyrics
Amy Grant

Are you living in an old man’s rubble
Are you listenin’ to the father of lies
Are you walking’ with unnecessary burdens
Are you trying to take them upon yourself
If you are then you’re living in bondage
And you know that’s bad for your spiritual health

Are you trying to live by your emotions
Are you puttin’ your faith in what you feel and see
Then you’re living just to satisfy your passions
And you better be careful, ’cause you’re being deceived

[Chorus 2x]
Are you living in an old man’s rubble
Are you listenin’ to the father of lies
If you are then you’re headed for trouble
If you listen too long, you’ll eventually die

Are you puzzled by the way that you’re behavin’
Do you wonder why you do the things you do
Are you troubled by your lack of resistance
Do you fell that something’s got a hold on you

Well deep within’ you there’s a spiritual battle
There’s a voice of the darkness and a voice of the light
And just by listening you’ve made a decision
‘Cause the voice you hear is gonna’ win the fight


But if you’re living as a new creation
If you’re listening to the Father of light
Then you’re living in a mighty fortress
And you’re gonna’ be clothed in power and might

[Chorus 3x]


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Old Man’s Rubble Lyrics- Amy Grant

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