To Find My Way To You- Bebo Norman Lyrics

To Find My Way To You
By: Bebo Norman

Well I can’t find the words to say
Just to make, make this go way
So you just bleed and I can’t sleep tonight

‘Cause it’s hard to see just what you mean
Across the lines that bring your voice to me
But I can hear your every tear when you cry

And, oh love, when you say to me
That your heart breaks every time I leave
I would set out across the sea
Just to find my way to you

Well I don’t know which way to go
So I search the stars, basking in the glow
But they all fall down without a sound from the sky

Well I still can’t find the words to say
But you, my love, love me anyway
So just go to sleep, and my heart will keep the time

‘Cause, oh love, when you say to me
That my kiss is the breath you breathe
I would wake up from a thousand dreams
Just to find my way to you


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To Find My Way To You- Bebo Norman Lyrics

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