All About You Lyrics- Hillsong United

“All About You” Lyrics
Hear our praises
Hear your people sing
Hear our hearts cry
Your love is everything
And all will hear this shout
As the nations turn to you
And this will be your anthem
’cause we’re all about you
And the world you promise
And all we have will give you praise
’cause we’re all about you
And the world can’t stop us
Living your way, always
Let our hearts break as we praise your name
Let the earth shake
This is the sound of faith
And the walls will fall down
And religion will break
And the nations will hear this shout
Can you hear the sound of faith?
All the walls are falling down
As all the nations praise
And all the world will hear this shout
Can you hear the sound of faith?


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All About You Lyrics- Hillsong United

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