All For The One Lyrics- Citipointe Live

“All For The One” Lyrics
Words and Music by: Joel Ramsey
Album: You Reign

We’re gonna live in the power of freedom
We’re gonna stand in Your ways and Your truth
All of my life I will give over to You
My soul and my heart I’ll keep nothing from You

Let every knee bow, tongue confess
Confess to the world let them know
That we are

All for the one whose love is for all
You gave Your son to save the world
We Your people are going to stand and lift Your Name so high

All for the one who gave it all
Gave up His life and freed my soul
We your people are going to stand and lift Your Name so high

We’re not gonna sit back and just go to heaven
We’re letting the world know that they can come to
Our one sole purpose is loving You Jesus
Loving You more and sharing Your truth


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All For The One Lyrics- Citipointe Live

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