Alleluia, Sing Lyrics- David Crowder Band

Alleluia, Sing
By: David Crowder Band

[Verse 1]
Like calm comes to a sea
Like snowfall quietly
You come to me

Like justice to the weak
Like a flood rising
You come, You come to me

And it feels like it’s almost here

Alleluia majesty
Alleluia risen king
Alleluia angels sing

[Verse 2]
Like springtime to winter’s hush
Like laughter to solemnness
Like a sun rising up
You come, You come to us

Like a song rising up
In your heart filling up
Like a heart’s not enough
For this love, for this love

To sing of love, to sing of love
To sing of love, love, love


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Alleluia, Sing Lyrics- David Crowder Band

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