As Long As It Takes- Meredith Andrews Lyrics

“As Long As It Takes” Lyrics
by: Meredith Andrews

I’m tired, do I have to keep proving myself
I’m weary and drawing from and empty well
I need You more than I ever have
So Jesus come and shatter my darkness somehow

I won’t speak until You speak
I won’t move until You move me
I won’t sing, sing over me
I will wait as long as it takes

I’m restless for something significant
But I’m helpless cause I’ve done all I can
I want You more than I ever have
So Jesus come and hold me, I’m shaking right now

You are the Comforter so comfort me
You’re the Sustainer so be enough for me
You are my Father and Your love for me
Is where I find my rest


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As Long As It Takes- Meredith Andrews Lyrics

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