As One Bride Lyrics- Citipointe Live

“As One Bride” Lyrics
Words and Music by: Joel Ramsey & Pedzi Mawande
Band: Citipointe Live
Album: Devoted

In love beyond words expression
I give up my desire for Yours
This is my confession
With faith beyond the world’s suppression
I choose to live each day for You
Lord I choose Your freedom
Lord I choose Your freedom

Let every heart
And every tribe
Join as one bride and sing

You are Lord of all
We pray You’d open up our eyes
To know Your heart
To live and love like You

You took our fall
You gave Your life, redeemed my soul
I’ll worship You
And give You my all

I’ll worship You for who You are
Not what You’ve done or what You’ll do
And in this love You have my heart
In all You are my God

As One Bride Lyrics- Citipointe Live

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