Author and Savior- City Harvest Church Lyrics

By: City Harvest Church

Verse 1:
You Won Me Over From The Start
Penned The Chapters Of My Heart
Unveiled Your Endless Love To Me
You Drew Eternity For Me

Verse 2:
Your Grace, Satisfies My Needs
Rewrote My Life And Set Me Free
Erased All That I Did Wrong
My Life Declared A Brand New Song

Author And Savior, You’re My King
Wonderful Maker, My Soul Sings
I Place All On The Altar, My Life An Offering
My Heart Lay Bare Before You, Jesus Live In Me
Author And Savior, You’re My King
Wonderful Maker, My Soul Sings
My Life Becomes Your Canvas, Create My Destiny
I’ll Be Yours Forever, Jesus Live In Me

Come Live In Me, Come Live In Me
Take All Of Me, Take All Of Me


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Author and Savior- City Harvest Church Lyrics

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