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For You and I Lyrics- 10cc

For You and I Lyrics 10cc The world is full of other people (ooh ooh) Take a look around We’re quick to laugh when they’ve got troubles (ooh ooh) And we put ’em down we go We’re not so hot you know It’s like a roller coaster On a downward motion On a one way […]

Feel The Love Lyrics- 10cc

Feel The Love Lyrics 10cc I saw you so pretty Your face lit up the city Two worlds came together The memory stays for evermore So different your fashion You were the main attraction Heads turning in wonder I felt myself go under Ooh, I’m a drowning man Save me please I need you so […]

Runaway Lyrics- 10cc

Runaway Lyrics 10cc Remember I’m the one who didn’t have a lot to say I was trying to find the courage, but I let you walk away And I can’t forget your face, You know it haunts me all the time And it seems to me you’re living in a dream Wish we could run […]

Peace in Our Time Lyrics- 10cc

Peace in Our Time Lyrics 10cc Thank you for the gift The freedom to wonder In search of the light Are we gonna let it shine? Forgiveness is the key The perfect emotion Will you show us the way To peace in our time Where the wild wind blows The deserts are shifting And the […]

It Doesn’t Matter At All Lyrics- 10cc

It Doesn’t Matter At All Lyrics 10cc Hey you’ve been hanging on to a dream Hoping that time would turn your fear away But you must stop; take a look around you What do you see? Do you see me People say that I’m crazy (People call me a fool) They’ve got no business to […]