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Cindy Bullens

Trust Me Lyrics- Cindy Bullens

Trust Me Lyrics Cindy Bullens Who’s been telling you these things Don’t you know it’s not true You believe those crazy guys They deceive you with their lies They’ll make you believe what they want you to Ooh, darling, look at me I wouldn’t be here if I did not care I wouldn’t hurt you […]

Survivor Lyrics- Cindy Bullens

Survivor Lyrics Cindy Bullens He left me, didn’t even say goodbye Wrote me a letter I found it by my bedside As I read it Tears swelled up in my eyes He said, baby, baby Don’t you realize that you’re a survivor You’ll work it out And you’ll carry on You’re a survivor, baby You’re […]

Too Close to Home Lyrics- Cindy Bullens

Too Close to Home Lyrics Cindy Bullens Where did you get your information? Why did you plan this infiltration? I just take for granted That I come across so cool You’re not supposed to know Oooo, you’re hitting me Too close to home Trying to take my heart away Oo, you’re hitting me too close […]

In Better Hands Lyrics- Cindy Bullens

In Better Hands Lyrics Cindy Bullens It’s hard to stand on shifting sand It’s hard to shine n the shadows of the night You can’t be free If you don’t reach for help And you can’t love If you don’t love yourself But there is hope when my faith runs out… Cause I’m in better […]