Come Back Home Lyrics- Kutless

Come Back Home Lyrics

How long till you come to the end of your reckless streak
How long till the freedom weighs you down
How long till your heart figures out that you need me
How long until you turn around

When you come back home
I’ll be running out to meet you
When you come back home
You’ll find that I’ve never left you
You’ll see every wrong turn every bridge you’ve burned
It’s all forgiven and gone
When you come back home
When you come back home

I wanna see that face that I’ve been missing so much
I want to wrap my arms around your neck
I want to welcome you back to the place where you belong
I want to show you love has never left

I’ve paid the price so have no fear
There’s nothing but mercy here yeah

Mercy is waiting
When you come back home


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Come Back Home Lyrics- Kutless

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