Crazy Enough Lyrics- MercyMe


Verse 1:
Call me crazy but what if we learn
To love our brother for nothing in return?
Oh how the rules would change

Reaching out to the ones who need help
Treating them as you first would treat yourself
Now that would be insane

It may just be crazy enough
To work if we could only love
What if we somehow changed the world?
It may just be crazy enough

Verse 2:
Is it so strange to think that one day
we will truly see everyone the same
Oh good we be so kind? (could we be so kind?)

To sing along when life’s playing their tune
And cry with them when their hearts broken in two
Have I lost my mind?


Oh, have I gone mad
Believing that love still has a chance?


It may just be crazy enough 



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Crazy Enough Lyrics- MercyMe

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