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Daniel Otis Teasley- Profile, Songs and Lyrics

Daniel Otis Teasley CoverDaniel Otis Teasley entered the ministry of the Church of God denomination in 1896, and pastored inNew York. Sometime after 1910, he became General Manager of the Gospel Trumpet Company, where he worked until 1917. He then worked as general manager of Warner Press (1917-18). His works include:

Historical Ge­o­graphy of the Bi­ble, 1898, 1917
The Ho­ly Spir­it and Other Spir­its, 1904
How to Con­duct a Sun­day School, 1911
The Go­spel Guide-book, 1918
The Bi­ble and How to In­ter­pret It, 1918

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