Entrepreneurship: Should It Be Promoted In Christian Ministries?

Christian EntrepreneurshipBy: Angela Doreathy Watkins

Why or why not should Entrepreneurship be promoted in church ministry?

The Prophet Jeremiah Purchased Real Estate: Jeremiah 32:7- 15,25,43,44

The Cross/Gospel/Ministry of Jesus Christ should not be compromised.

There are lost souls, people in need, children being abused, and people struggling for power and wealth.

But, also in this day of economic downturn this subject could be studied and looked at by someone who has a greater insight and have studied extensively or who have Theological Training.

I would recommend to allow the Holy Spirit to lead/guide those in the Leadership Role(s) of the Christian Ministry to decide whether or not to promote Entrepreneurship in the Church Ministry.

We attend Church in unity with the Saints of God to Worship the Lord and Praise the Lord.

Jesus’s Ministry was also meeting the needs of the people. Whether healing, raising the dead, teaching on how to obtain everlasting life.

Everything should be done in order.

Civil & Social Life; Business Affairs; Inheritance; Birthright: Genesis 48:13,14,17,18,19

Business Habits; Honesty & Diligence: Proverbs 16:8; 22:29

Benefits of Trade: Genesis 34:20,21,22,23

Fraud: Leviticus 19:11; I Thessalonians 4:6,7

Man’s Original Employment; Before The Fall: Genesis 2:8,9,15

Man’s Original Employment After The Fall: Genesis 3:23; 4:2

About the author: Angela Watkins, [email protected], Book Reviewer, Writer/Blogger, Researcher, Former Sunday School Teacher, http://angelawatkins57.blogspot.com

Entrepreneurship: Should It Be Promoted In Christian Ministries?