Forever and ever Etc… Lyrics- David Crowder Band

Forever and ever Etc…
By: David Crowder Band

Love so incredible to know
It’s never gonna go, never gonna go
Love too impossible and true
For anyone but You, for anyone but You
I think I’m on the brink of something large
Maybe like the breaking of a dawn
Or maybe like a match being lit
Or the sinking of a ship, letting go gives a better grip

I’m finding everything I’ll ever need
By giving up, gaining everything
Falling for You for eternity
Right here at Your feet, where I want to be
I am Yours

Love so indelible to know
You’re never gonna go
You’re never gonna go
Love too unthinkable and true
For anyone but You
For anyone but You

Forever and ever and ever and ever and…


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Forever and ever Etc… Lyrics- David Crowder Band

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