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France Joli- Profile, Songs and Lyrics

France Joli Cover PhotoFrance Joli is a Canadian singer, best known for the disco classic “Come to Me.” On the Billboard Hot 100, it was her biggest mainstream hit, breaking the top 20 at #15. Her self titled debut also became a hit, peaking at #26 on the Billboard 200. The success of the single put her on demand for talk shows with Merv Griffin and Dinah Shore and on the Bob Hope special. Thus far, Joli has recorded 5 studio albums and many singles.

In 1980 Joli release two top 5 Disco/Dance hits, “The Heart To Break The Heart” and “Feel Like Dancing” after the release of her first ballad to mainstream radio, “This Time (I’m Giving All I Got)”, from her sophomore album “Tonight.” Both the lead single and album were met with indifference by the mainstream market. This is evident by the albums’ disappointing performance. “Tonight” only reached #175 on the Billboard 200. In 1981 she scored her second biggest hit with “Gonna Get Over You” . Although Joli would continue to chart hits on Billboard’s Disco/Dance charts througout the 80’s they would never reach the pop success of “Come To Me” despite several attempts to broaden her sound and appeal. So after her fifth album, “Witch Of Love”, released in 1985, Joli decided to stop recording and concentrate on touring the club scene the world over.

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