Grace Tells Another Story Lyrics- MercyMe


They say don’t waste your time

You simply cannot find an ounce of good within the heart of man
They say we’ve got to lay in the bed we’ve made 
And live this life without a second chance 
But I’m inclined to say there must be something more.

We’ve been told that the heart is just too far gone to save 

But grace tells us another story
Where glory sends hopelessness away 
Oh grace tells us another story.

They say we cannot change 

There is no other way 
Get used to it cause this is all there is 
They say don’t raise your voice cause we don’t have a choice  
We’re dealt  this hand so learn to live with it 
Well I have to believe there must something more. 
And though we may not understand why You’d give us another chance 
We praise You who lets us start again. 


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Grace Tells Another Story Lyrics- MercyMe

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