Hero Lyrics- Jars Of Clay

“Hero” Lyrics

One spot on an empty canvas
One chair in an empty room
No place for a revolution
No hope if the signs are true
We stand at the edge of something
Will we ever know what it is?
Hold on cause the wind is rising
And we can’t get away from it

Were in shock from the failed emotion
No cause in the shadow land
We sing while the city’s burning
No room, no escape, no pain
We never thought it would end this way

 And we all need a hero
To save us from ourselves
We need a hero
To save us from ourselves save us from ourselves
Save us from fear
When the sirens wail we need a hero

We hide on our knees in silence
Maybe God doesn’t hear at all
And the wait overtakes the violence
And we watch as the giants fall
We’re not gonna let it end this way

Hero Lyrics- Jars Of Clay

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