Light Over Darkness Lyrics- Citipointe Live

“Light Over Darkness” Lyrics
Words and Music by: Colin Moore and Aaron Lucas
Album: Hope Is Erupting

Verse 1:
Beyond the dark I hear
The victorious One
A mighty voice of hope
Declaring our moment has come
The blood says “It’s done”

Darkness will subside
As we march, move forth
Your Word is alive
Your love now the strength of our song
The blood says “It’s done”

Verse 2:
Now Your light shines bright
Like the raging sun
Spreading hope like fire
Deceptions will turn and they’ll run
The blood says “It’s done”

Pre Chorus:
We found a way
You are the Way
The Life the Truth

Your light
Shines over darkness
Yeah it cannot be overcome
Your Word
Is ever prevailing
Yeah it cannot be overcome

In the shadow of Your wings
There is refuge, there is peace
You’re the healing
That lights the way back home


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Light Over Darkness Lyrics- Citipointe Live

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