Louder Now Lyrics- Citipointe Live

“Louder Now” Lyrics
Words and Music by: Aaron Lucas
Album: You Reign

Stir my heart beyond passion
For what You hold dear to Your heart
Stir my heart with Your holy fire
For the lost and broken of this world

Unveil the very essence
Of Your desires on this earth
Consume me every second
I am giving all to see Your will be done

I hear the call
The revolution has begun
For us all
To live for our Saviour’s cause
I hear the call
To save the lost and lonely
With Your love
This world can be won

Louder now, louder now
Break out in praise to God
Louder now, louder now
Break out in praise to God

For all You are
We will go forth
In Your name
This we proclaim
Salvation is only found in
Your love
In Your love


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Louder Now Lyrics- Citipointe Live

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