Making Your Praise (MYP) Public Lyrics- Citipointe Live

“Making Your Praise (MYP) Public” Lyrics

Words and Music by: Brett Allen, Nigel Birkbeck, 

Stuart Bolger, Aaron Lucas and John Snow 

Album: Commission My Soul

The power to take death to life
Is in Your hands
Is in Your hands

The power of love to free the world
Is in Your hands
Is in Your hands
Broken hearts can be remade
Our Jesus saves
Our Jesus saves
Every debt has been repaid
Our Jesus saves
Our Jesus saves

Pre Chorus:
We will not be silent
Woah’ We’ll sing of Your gift of salvation

We’re takin’ takin’ your praise
Making it public
Takin’ takin’ your praise
Shouting throughout the earth
Jesus is alive in me
Woah’ We are not ashamed
We will not fear
For You are here
You’re Triumphant and Almighty


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Making Your Praise (MYP) Public Lyrics- Citipointe Live

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