MercyMe Lyrics- Just Like Your Father


Believe me when I say
You look familiar in a certain way
Believe me when I say
I think I met you some other day
There’s something about you that I can see
An it shines right through you an approaches me

Oh but now I know
Oh yes I know
You’re just like your father
You got your daddy’s ways
You walk so close to him picked up his traits
You’re just like your father
Got your daddy’s ways
You’re just like the man I met when I was saved
You look like your father

You got your daddy’s eyes
You got your daddy’s hands
You got your daddy’s smile
You got your daddy’s plans
Before you speak, people know who you belong to
It’s how much it shows
I can see the love of God from the start
First thing I noticed he’s got your heart

You have got something, a satisfying peace
He dwells within you, so many long to see


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MercyMe Lyrics- Just Like Your Father

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