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Mystery Lyrics- Citipointe Live

“Mystery” Lyrics
Words and Music by: Joel Ramsey and Becky Lucas
Band: Citipointe Live
Album: Hope Is Erupting

Verse 1:Your mystery revealed
Your love is all we need
Our hope remains in
Your Eternal Majesty

Verse 2:
Transgressions paid in full
You loved so selflessly
Your fervent light will shine
Restoring purity

Pre Chorus:
For those who are hurting
For those who are lost

With Your love we will light up the darkness
And Your love brings strength when were broken
And all of the world will see
That Your love brings hope when I’m hurting
And Your love has freed me from all sin
And all the world will see
Your Glory

Your kingdom on earth
Your will over come
Let Your fire from heaven
Consume all I am
All I am in Your hands

The world is in Your hands
The world will understand
How great You are
How great You are

Mystery Lyrics- Citipointe Live