Only Alive Lyrics- Jars Of Clay

“Only Alive” Lyrics

I’m a fair weather friend
I’m a colorless view but I’m willin’ to make a deal
If you think you can make some faith here inside
I’ll drive off and marry you

I’m only alive with you
I can’t get by and I won’t get through
So put me in the river and let me say I do
I’m only alive with you

You’re a sight for sore eyes and a newborn cry
In a year where there are so few
If you throw me a line, I’ll show you in time
I’m falling in love with you

Though my heart has been torn by loves I have worn
And I’m tempted by them ever still
I tremble inside when you walk in the room
You hold my affections and will


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Only Alive Lyrics- Jars Of Clay

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