Open Up The Heavens- Meredith Andrews Lyrics

“Open Up The Heavens” Lyrics
by: Meredith Andrews

We’ve waited for this day
We’re gathered in your name
Calling out to you
Your glory like a fire
Awakening desire
Will burn our hearts with truth

You’re the reason we’re here
You’re the reason we’re singing

Open up the heavens
We want to see you
Open up the floodgates
A mighty river
Flowing from your heart
Filling every part of our praise

Your presence in this place
Your glory on our face
We’re looking to the sky
Descending like a cloud
You’re standing with us now
Lord, unveil our eyes

You’re the reason we’re here
You’re the reason we’re singing

[Repeat Chorus]

Show us, show us your glory
Show us, show us your power
Show us, show us your glory, Lord

[Repeat Chorus]


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Open Up The Heavens- Meredith Andrews Lyrics

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