These Ordinary Days Lyrics- Jars Of Clay

“These Ordinary Days” Lyrics

Verse 1:
Not much for conversation
I still find need to pray
Sometimes I get tired of walking
Through these ordinary days
If nothing else I get to see you
Even if we never speak
The harm of words though sometimes
We don’t quite know
What they really mean

I don’t know where
I don’t know how
I don’t know why
But your love can make
These things better

Verse 2:
So let me lay down in this field
And stare up at the sky
I hope the days and clouds
Turn into something
As they pass us by
And maybe you could settle
For a skyline faded blue
I hope that you might settle
For this love I have for you

[Chorus 3x]

Your love can make these things better
Your love can make these things better
Your love can make these things better


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These Ordinary Days Lyrics- Jars Of Clay

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