Ti Aldaw Aggibusen Lyrics- Ilocano Hymn

Ti aldaw aggibusen
Sabado met dumtengen;
Intay’ amin agrukbab
Bayat panagpasungad tumppuar lawag.

Santo, Santo, Santo, Dios nga Apo!
Napnot’ langit ken daga parsua agrukbab
Kenka, O Dios, Apo!

[2] Dios mangmangted taraon,
Ken agturay ‘toy lubong,
Urnongennakam’ kadi,
Barukongmo naasi atalgedmi.

No agsipnget ‘toy daga,
Dungngom inkam marikna;
Denggem kad’ timtimekmi,
Nga agpakpakaasi umay kenka.

Inton mailingeden,
Lawag init ken bituen,
A bigat madaanonmi dita gloriam.


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Ti Aldaw Aggibusen Lyrics- Ilocano Hymn

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