Whatever She Wants Lyrics- Jars Of Clay

“Whatever She Wants” Lyrics
Verse 1:

All her wants to fill a need
She wants to save you with
Her bandages after she makes
You bleed
Like a vampire, a parasite
Stretch the necks of her victims
She finds her prey in broad
So when you’re up, she’s down
You’re down, she’s up
It whips around, it’s the ride
The way that she needs it

Whatever she wanted
For whatever you need
Speechless and silent
While she takes everything

Verse 2:
Kryptonite underneathe
You used to be her superman
But now you’re fading
Now you’re weak
Never how or why
It worked to play the big lie
To dim the truth
From causing her wet eyes

[Chorus 2x]



She takes everything
Whatever she wants
It’s everything


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Whatever She Wants Lyrics- Jars Of Clay

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