You Don’t Care At All Lyrics- MercyMe


So many wasted days
Thinking all I’ve done is all that I am
So many lonely nights on my own
But it’s a funny thing
You see my heart so differently
No matter what I feel or where I go
I still don’t quite understand

How all of my yesterdays
All of my past mistakes
You’ve thrown them all away
You don’t care at all
You don’t care at all
No matter what I do
What I am going through
It’s already died with you
You don’t care at all
You don’t care at all

Old me is out the door
He won’t be living here anymore
You simply spoke my name and set me free
I still just can’t believe
When I was lost and running away
That You would see a heart worth redeeming
And I’ll never quite understand

How is it that I am Yours and You’re mine?
Why would You know me
When I’m so unworthy of mercy and You’re divine?
You still made me holy

You don’t care


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You Don’t Care At All Lyrics- MercyMe

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