An Undying Thirst Lyrics- Chris Tomlin

One day is coming when the skies will part
and the Heavens will shine down on the followers of Jesus Christ:
for the ones who have received and invited Him into their lives.
What a Glorious, Glorious Day that will be, but sadly to say:
their will only be a few to rejoice on this Glorious Day;
What a Glorious, Glorious Day it will be.
Lord, we pray for your Holy, Sweet Holy Spirit:
We Pray Dear Lord;
We Pray for the millions and billions of people
who do not know you as Lord and Savior of their lives.
We Pray Dear Lord,
we pray that nothing will satisfy their heart’s and soul’s,
until they put you first As Lord and Savior of theirs lives.
We Pray Dear Lord,
we pray that nothing will stand in their way, because this will be:
the most important Choice that you could ever make in this life time.
What a Glorious, Glorious Day that will be.
When we see Jesus Christ God Our Heavenly Father face to face.
What a Glorious Day, What a Glorious l Day that will be.
We Praise your Holy, Sweet Holy Name
here on earth, because the victory has been won.

*Lyrics submitted by Rovane Fritz Timmons <[email protected]>. Thank you and God bless.


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An Undying Thirst Lyrics- Chris Tomlin

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