Believe Lyrics- Newsboys

Believe Lyrics

As I lay me down
Where do I begin
So simply complicated
The voice within

I hear it singing so clear
Invisible like the sound of the wind
We all know
You are there

I just believe
I just believe it
And sometimes I dunno why
I gotta go with my gut again on this one

Not just a feeling
It’s the reason
We know a line is crooked
`cause we know what’s straight
That little voice inside

As I lay me down
I confess
I’m a fool for you
No more, no less

And in this world turning gray
Strikes a chord when I say
There is black
There is white
There is wrong
And there is right

There is no alibi
If it’s not the truth it’s…..??

Falling for the truth again

Not by the wisdom of a man, or a machine

This is not preference or a taste that disagrees

The evidence of things unseen

The more you look
The more you’ll see

If there’s ever been a time it’s now
I hear that still small voice inside


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Believe Lyrics- Newsboys