Breathe In Me Lyrics- Aaron Shust

Verse 1:
Mercy, in your tender mercy
Look on me (x2)
Frailty, even in my frailty
Welcome me (x2)

Father this my own vocation that you would come and lead me once again

Breath in me breathe of God
Mend in me this wounded heart
That I may know you’ve made your peace with me
Breathe in me

Verse 2:
Burden take away this burden
Set me free (x2)

Calling, I have heard you calling
Out for me you shout for me

Bridge 2:
Father this my own vocation that you would come and lead me once again
And I know you will hear my pleading and you will find me ever once again


Verse 3:
Empty, empty
Fill me, Father fill me
I am empty
Won’t you fill me once again



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Breathe In Me Lyrics- Aaron Shust

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