Jars Of Clay

Wonderful Christmastime Lyrics- Jars Of Clay

“Wonderful Christmastime” Lyrics by: Jars Of Clay The mood is right, the spirits up We’re here tonight and that’s enough Simply having a wonderful Christmastime The word is out about the town To lift a glass and don’t look down The party’s on and the feelin’s here That only comes this time of year Simply […]

Whatever She Wants Lyrics- Jars Of Clay

“Whatever She Wants” Lyrics by: Jars Of Clay Verse 1: All her wants to fill a need She wants to save you with Her bandages after she makes You bleed Like a vampire, a parasite Stretch the necks of her victims She finds her prey in broad Daylight So when you’re up, she’s down You’re […]

Weighed Down Lyrics- Jars Of Clay

“Weighed Down” Lyrics by: Jars Of Clay Light of the world Are you still here? And are we illuminating? When love becomes a delicate display So weak, dissolved by anything Love lies here waiting all alone Can a king be a king Weighed down? Our hearts, a bubble maker’s dream Moved on by winds of […]

We Will Follow Lyrics- Jars Of Clay feat Gungor

“We Will Follow” Lyrics by: Jars Of Clay feat. Gungor In the shadow of the cross where my first love died In the valley where we learn how to climb so high Will You open my heart and reach inside Till the blood on Your hands is Yours not mine? Set us free Trust the […]