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The Katinas

You Are God Lyrics- The Katinas

Creator of all things Healer of my being Through your righteousness I’ve been redeemed Forgiven by your grace Your joy is my strength When everything has changed You stay the same You are God Bright and Morning Star When I’m down you lift me up You’re the Lover of my heart You are God Mender […]

Writing This Letter Lyrics- The Katinas

If the only way I know I won’t forget Everything I need to way about the times that I regret When I didn’t hold you because there was So much I couldn’t let go of I was so afraid – but before it’s too late I’m writing this letter to tell you the Gonna lay […]

Wonderful Invention of Love Lyrics- The Katinas

Well…if you… Find a heart in need of some attention Someone who’s alone when there’s no fix to mention Take the time to tell them about this wonderful invention of love If you find someone in need of some affection Who say they can’t take any more confusion You’ll find out why you’re talking about […]

We Will Stand Lyrics- The Katinas

Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand Why we pull away from each other so easily, Even though we’re all walking the same road Yet we build dividing walls between Our brothers and ourselves. But I, I don’t care what label you may wear If you believe in Jesus you belong with me. The bond […]

Trading My Sorrow Lyrics- The Katinas

Everybody say yeah, yeah (yeah, yeah) Say yeah, yeah (yeah, yeah) Yeah, yeah (yeah, yeah) Say yeah, yeah (yeah, yeah) I’m trading my sorrow I’m trading my shame I’m laying it down For the joy of the Lord I’m trading my sickness I’m trading my pain I’m laying it down For the joy of the […]