Writing This Letter Lyrics- The Katinas

If the only way I know I won’t forget
Everything I need to way about the times that I regret
When I didn’t hold you because there was
So much I couldn’t let go of
I was so afraid – but before it’s too late

I’m writing this letter to tell you the
Gonna lay it all down – pour it out
And pray that it reaches you
I’m saying I’m sorry.
I’m begging with all my heart.
Never told you enough that you are my love
I sent it with a kiss across the miles
Raised the letter to my lips and hope
That maybe someday I will

Look to the sky above and see
Somehow you’ve forgiven me
I pray that I’ll get through
I’ll spend forever missing you
These words they flow so easily
Just fall upon the page
If only you were next to me
I’d say it to your face – so


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Writing This Letter Lyrics- The Katinas

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