Collage Lyrics- The Katinas

By: The Katinas, Otto Price, Jimmie Allen

Unity across the ocean
You and me his creation
Everybody join the mission
Lets get started now
We can drink from the fountain
Sing and dance on the mountain
Nows the time stand together
Even thou were different
We’re the same

Why can’t we all get the picture
Sisters and brothers every color
When this collage comes together
We are stronger in the name of love

Build a bridge to inspire
Peace for all who desire
Bringin down walls of injustice we’ll conquer
Lets get started now
We can change if we’re open
Heal the hurt and the broken
We are a part of the plan with a purpose
Even though we’re different we’re the same

Oh, oh, oh, oh
In the name of love

Collage Lyrics- The Katinas