Every Single Bit of You Lyrics- The Katinas

Every Single Bit of You
By: The Katinas, B. Reith

Your eyes are street lights
Light up a dark night
Make my heart beat right
When I think about you
The little things you do
Each one that makes you, you
Just proves the truth I knew
There’s no one quite like you

From my point of view
There’s nothing you can change that
Would make you more amazing
All my words won’t do
There’s no way to describe it
I’m still gonna try

I’m in love with everything about you girl
Every single bit of you
Work so perfectly together
That make you so incredible
Oh I’m so in love with you
You, you, you!

Your hairs a halo
Glows like an angel
On the day that you were made
Believe me there were no mistake
Your like a rainbow
Colorful and simple
You don’t even have to try
Your beauty sparkles In my eyes

I can’t describe this feeling inside
When I think about you
I feel so alive I just can’t hide it
When I think about you.


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Every Single Bit of You Lyrics- The Katinas

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