Lauren Daigle

Rescue Lyrics- Lauren Daigle

Rescue Lyrics Lauren Daigle You are not hidden There’s never been a moment You were forgotten You are not hopeless Though you have been broken Your innocence stolen I hear you whisper underneath your breath I hear your SOS, your SOS I will send out an army To find you in the middle of the […]

Look Up Child Lyrics- Lauren Daigle

Look Up Child Lyrics Lauren Daigle Where are You now When darkness seems to win? Where are You now When the world is crumbling? Oh I, I-I-I, I hear You say I hear You say Look up child, hey Look up child, hey Where are You now (where are You?) When all I feel is […]

Inevitable Lyrics- Lauren Daigle

Inevitable Lyrics Lauren Daigle I can feel when my mind starts to creep into doubt On the days when the strength in my heart’s giving out There’s a light but it hides from me deep in the cloud There’s a voice that I need but I don’t hear a sound Ever running to what I […]

Everything Lyrics- Lauren Daigle

Everything Lyrics Lauren Daigle Even the sparrow has a place to lay its head So why would I let worry steal my breath Even the roses, You have clothed in brilliant red Still I’m the one You love more than this You give me everything You give me everything You give me everything I need […]

Don’t Dream It’s Over Lyrics- Lauren Daigle

Don’t Dream It’s Over Lyrics Lauren Daigle There is freedom within There is freedom without Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup There’s a battle ahead Many battles are lost But you’ll never see the end of the road While you’re traveling with me Hey now, hey now Don’t dream it’s over Hey […]