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Matthew West

Grace Wins Lyrics- Matthew West

Grace Wins Artist: Matthew West LYRICS In my weakest moment I see you Shaking your head in disgrace I can read the disapointment Written all over your face Here comes those whispers in my ear Saying who do you think you are Looks like you’re on your own from here Cause grace could never reach […]

When I Say I Do Lyrics- Matthew West

“When I Say I Do” Lyrics by: Matthew West There must be a God, I believe its true ‘Cause I can see His love, when I look at you And He must have a plan for this crazy life Because He brought you here and placed you by my side Chorus: And I have never […]

The Day Before You Lyrics- Matthew West

“The Day Before You” Lyrics by: Matthew West I had all but given up on finding the one   That I could fall into On the day before you I was ready to settle for less than love  And not much more There was no such thing as a dream come true But that was […]