Ceilo Lyrics- Phil Wickham

Ceilo Lyrics
Phil Wickham

I’m walking through the bright white gates
Breathing in and out Your grace
All around me melodies rise
That echo with a joy inside
So I start sing

But I can’t sing loud enough, I can’t sing loud enough
When I’m singing for You My God

With a thunder roll and a brilliant light
Your glory bursts and the heavens shine
Saints and Angels stand in awe
Captured by the beauty of it all
So I fall to my knees

But I can’t bow low enough, I can’t bow low enough
At the vision of You my God

I can’t hold it all inside,
I’m reaching for the one who brought me out of death and into life

Now I can’t lift my hands high enough, lift my hands high enough
When I’m reaching for You my God
And I can’t reach my hands high enough, lift my hands high enough
When I’m reaching for You my God


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Ceilo Lyrics- Phil Wickham

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