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Communion Lyrics- Caedmon’s Call

By: Caedmon’s Call

Let us break the bread of life…

Verse 1:
To give us life, to prove His love for us,
God sacrificed, His only Son for our salvation.
Yes we believe that we have been set free,
Now as we kneel before the cross of our Redeemer.

Lets us break the bread of life,
Together take the cup of salvation.
The body and the blood of Christ (holy communion).
Communion, holy communion.

Verse 2:
To unify, the children of His grace,
Our Savior beckons us to know the taste of true redemption (as we share).
Now as we share (this bread and wine) this bread and wine as one,
God’s family unites in reconciliation.


By His grace our God has freed us
In His mercy justified us
Now before the cross of Jesus
May our hearts be unified.

Chours x3

Communion, holy communion

Communion Lyrics- Caedmon’s Call