Cornelius Lyrics- Newsboys

Cornelius Lyrics

And every generation’s got
The fearless few who can’t be bought
They don’t take polls or look around
They act on truth, and then they stand their ground

Come up and see the world stripped bare
The free indeed
They breathe a rarified air
Yeah, they got spirit
Yeah, they got game
And some get christened
With a righteous-sounding name


And every generation knows
The doers do, the posers pose
‘Cause every time the plop goes fizz
Another yes-man gets his

Come up and see the big man’s boss
The mind clears out when you’re taking up the cross
Yeah, his burden’s easy
No, it don’t chafe
It’s God’s safe harbor
Why play it safe?


Core-strong like a centurion
I wanna be Cornelius
Core-strong like a centurion
I wanna be Cornelius
His kneel is real
His kneel is real
What rhymes with Cornelius?

The “cor” is before a kneel, a kneel
The “i” is an “e” in us, in us
He’s ready to fight but not to fuss
We like, we like Cornelius

And history proves the axiom
Surface skimmers choke on scum
Who’s calling deep?
Who opens wide?
Who put the just in justified?

Check, check it out – the view you get
It’s God’s high-wire
There isn’t any net
Show a little spirit
Show you got game
Show you know
We know, we know
You know what’s in a name

He’s ready to fight
But not to fuss

He isn’t a wuss
He never was


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Cornelius Lyrics- Newsboys