Dear Shame Lyrics- Newsboys

Dear Shame Lyrics

I catch you digging in my trash
for stuff I’ve long thrown away.
You bring it back on a tray.

And I hear you wheezing in the hall
spreading gems and old news.
You always love to confuse.
I flee the light just to live in your shadow.
I’m needing mercy and you offer me blame.

[Chorus 1]
Dear Shame…
You’re oh so eager to toy with me.
You’re always stealing the joy in me.
You love to whisper my name, Dear Shame, Dear Shame.

You’ve got me living like a bug,
crawling in fear.
(It’s been a very long year.)
I dream of growing some wings,
I think I’m flying away,
then you point and you spray.
All my hidden secrets
crave the light of forgiveness.
You pull the shades,
you accuse and you blame.

[Chorus 1]

I fled the light just to live in your shadow.
I needed mercy, and you offered me blame.

[Chorus 2]
Dear Shame…
I think I’m wise to your strategy.
I won’t be needing your company.
My name’s eternally clear,
Dear Shame,
Dear Shame.


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Dear Shame Lyrics- Newsboys