Desperate People Lyrics-Hillsong United

“Desperate People” Lyrics

Verse 1
You crossed the great divide, you took out place
You offered up your life though we had failed
The veil was torn and love remained
You are holy Lord

Verse 2
Distraction cost us, now we seek your face
We offer up our lives to bring you praise
A love that walls cannot contain
You are holy Lord

Rising up in spirit and in truth
A living sacrifice, we worship you
A people undivided, Lord, hear us sing
We are yours, and you are our King

This is our love hearts joined as one, desperate for all you are
Lord, break down these walls, and see how we love
Desperate for all you are, we chase your heart

Verse 3
We didn’t come to leave here entertained
Worship under any other name
We’re crying out for you alone
You are holy Lord

Show us the way of your heart
We find our voice, we found our voice
We’re on our knees, the carpets worn
As we join our hearts with distant shores
And sing to you, Lord


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Desperate People Lyrics-Hillsong United

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