Footprints In The Sand Lyrics- Kucenski and Voogt

“Footprints In The Sand” Lyrics
by: Kucenski and Voogt

Could I still be sleeping is this a dream?
Even though I’m wide awake how surreal it all does seem
Did an angel visit and speak to me
And, will all that he said, come to be?

Night is drawing closer, days at an end
Looking back I’m filled with wonder at how it all began
With an angels visit, He spoke to me
And will all that he said, come to be?

Each step we take, footprints in the sand
Drawing us closer to our fathers promise and his plan
Will this child be the one, his holy son
We anticipate, and so we make, footprints in the sand

Will my faith carry me to the end
Do I trust in God enough or do I just pretend
Will all Isaiah, had to say
Come to pass if we trust, and obey

Help us holy father, trust in your word, (help us believe)
Push aside our doubts and fears, you have laid a path that’s clear
For the messiah, to be born this way (oh God I pray)
And to rest his weary head on the hay

This is another amazing song that inspires every Christian to continue praising the Lord.
Copyright © 2000 Kucenski & Voogt


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Footprints In The Sand Lyrics- Kucenski and Voogt

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